zaterdag 24 mei 2008

Wally Elenbaas 1912 - 2008 Photography Graphic Design

The very versatile Rotterdam artist Wally Elenbaas (1912 - 2008) is first and foremost a graphic artist, or as he himself puts it: 'A really good printer!' Photography has played an important part in his work too; in the 1930s he joined the workers/writers collective 'Links Richten' ['eyes left' Piet Zwart, Paul Schuitema and typograph Dick Elffers] as a photographer. He and his late partner Esther Hartog (1905-1998) photographed themes reflecting their personal lives: each other, friends, journeys, still lifes and the nearby surroundings of Katendrecht. Published by Duo Duo Foundation/Publishers, the book 'De honderd gezichten van Esther Hartog' [the 100 faces of Esther Hartog], compiled by Wally Elenbaas himself. Lees meer ...

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