donderdag 8 mei 2008

Erik Kessels 'in almost every picture' at Aperture gallery Photography

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'no 20/august 1956/iloret-de-mar' & 'no 184/september 1960/barcelona' by erik kessels

New york's aperture gallery is currently presenting two concurrent exhibitions, 'ten series' by matthew sleeth and 'in almost every picture' by erik kessels. The double show began on march 6 and will continue running until may 17th. In addition to giving a talk on may 13th, kessels will also be in conversation with curator martin parr at the new york photo festival during an aperture presents lecture on may 15th.

The dutch artist and curator is best known as the creative director of kesselskramer. In the series, 'in almost every picture' kessels collects found images to create multiple visual stories, which are also in the aperture published book of the same name. The first volume 'spanish woman' shows photos of a woman taken by her husband between 1956-1968. 'twins' features multiple pictures of two sister dressed in identical outfits at various locations in 1940's europe. 'Dalmatian' features a dog and her owner, while 'taxi' features images of a taxi taken by the driver in various 'holiday spots' in europe. Kessels re-contextualizes these photographs giving them a new purpose, highlighting the notion of photos as physical objects. Read more ... & lees meer ...

images © erik kessels, courtesy of aperture gallery

'untitled' by erik kessels

'barcelona / august 18 / 1940' by erik kessels

'in almost every picture' by erik kessels published by aperture

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