donderdag 15 mei 2008

Bert Teunissen Best PhotoBooks by PDN Photo Annual 2008 Photography

This year, the judges for PDN’s Photo Annual had the opportunity to choose from a vast array of entries from all over the world. The following pages showcase work from a diverse range of photographic talent, both new and seasoned.

Whether the resulting imagery was created to make a poignant social statement, such as Jonathan Torgovnik’s documentation of the devastating aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda for Newsweek titled “Intended Consequences: Genocide Mothers, Children of Rape,” or open our eyes to worlds we otherwise might not have glimpsed, such as Shaul Schwartz’s “World of Celebrity Lookalikes,” each image is a visual representation of our society and culture today. See for more ...

Here is the list :

On the Beach by Richard Misrach
Motherland by Simon Roberts
Domestic Landscapes by Bert Teunissen
Shaolin: Temple of Zen by Justin Guariglia
Snowbound by Lisa M. Robinson
Teenage Stories by Julia Fullerton-Batten
Los Toros by Michael Crouser
Creature by Andrew Zuckerman
Darfur: Twenty Years of War and Genocide in Sudan by Leora Kahn
Albert Watson by Albert Watson
Koudelka by Josef Koudelka
The Idea of Cuba by Alex Harris
Architecture of Authority by Richard Ross
Czech Eden by Matthew Monteith
Brothel by Zana Briski
I'm a Real Photographer by Keith Arnatt
Istanbul: City of a Hundred Names by Alex Webb
Patterns of the Earth by Bernhard Edmaier
The Orphans of Uganda
Frank Paulin: Out of the Limelight
More than 1000 Words

Jaarboek PDN met vier Nederlandse namen[PhotoQ 16-05-2008] In de nieuwe PDN Photo Annual 2008, een overzicht van de beste fotografie die wereldwijd is gemaakt staat werk van Olaf Veltman, Bert Teunissen, Onne van der Wal en Hans Neleman.

Olaf Veltman heeft twee vermeldingen in de categorie Advertising, beelden uit campagnes die hij maakte voor Toyota (zie foto boven) en voor Van Kampen Investments.In de categorie Fotoboeken is van Bert Teunissen het boek 'Domestic Landscapes' opgenomen. In de categorie Design/Photo Products is een scheepvaartfoto opgenomen van de in Nederland geboren, in Zuid-Afrika opgegroeide en in de VS wonende Onne van der Wal. En in de categorie Stock Photography staat een foto van Hans Neleman, gemaakt voor Getty Images.

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