donderdag 14 februari 2008

Anoek Steketee Luna Park Beiroet Photography

Vrij Nederland - Video: Luna Park Beiroet: "Video: Luna Park Beiroet"

Anoek Steketee (Hoorn, 1974)

Reality and fiction intermingle in the series of Anoek Steketee. Her approach eliminates any possibility of purely documentary photography. Steketee uses the camera both as a tool of the imagination as an instrument to investigate societies and learn about different realities. The portraits have a beauty all their own, while also painting a picture, with subtle details, of the alienation of individuals in societies filled with contradictions.

Anoek Steketee was trained at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and spent a year doing post-graduate master studies at the Academie Sint Joost in Breda. She has exhibited her work at Noorderlicht in Groningen, in Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and in Prague. The Guardian Weekly did an extensive feature on the Frontstage series, and Steketee was nominated for the Joop Swart Master Class of World Press Photo. Photos from the Frontstage series are in the collections of such diverse organisations as the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rabobank, Delta Lloyd and Chadha Art Collection.

Al zevenenveertig jaar trotseert Luna Park Beiroet perioden van onrust, oorlog en economische malaise. De attracties kunnen een likje verf gebruiken, maar ze bieden de bezoekers een welkome ontsnapping aan de grimmige realiteit. Zelfs na die bomaanslag

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