zondag 24 februari 2008

Méditerranée Photographies de Henriette Grindat Photography

The Lausanne photographer Henriette Grindat (1923-1986) had a special affinity with the Mediterranean. She repeatedly travelled to the country and cities situated around the sea that connects people from various cultures and parts of the world and has influenced their history for thousands of years. But Grindat was not primarily interested in journalistic reportages and portraits of countries. Spain or Egypt, Italy or Algeria: she was less concerned with contemporary history than with the secrets of matter and light – and most particularly of water in all its sensuous and metaphorical aspects. Her bewitching photographic lyricism also emerges as an existential search for meaning. "Méditerranées" is dedicated to a central aspect of Grindat's work, which was also published in several books in the Lausanne series "Guilde du livre" in the 1950s and 60s. In the exhibition special attention is paid to this large-format pubishing project, which provided an important platform for many post-war photographers.

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