dinsdag 12 februari 2008

Dutch Eyes Gerard P. Fieret Boundless Shoreless Unlimited Photography

"Photography in and of itself is, of course, a rather chilly business: camera lenses, power to absorb the image, refractions. Chemistry- strict rules of the game, no? Bur soon you discover that you really can bend it as you wish, like bamboo, and then it turns out to be supple as water, and you can find and recognize all sorts of graphic gradations in the image. I`m thinking now of Daumier or Rembrandt, for instance - every "ism" can be realized in photography." Gerard Petrus Fieret

Gerard Petrus Fieret:
Uniquely odd, the strength of this work is its immediacy and directness. Fieret used a simple 35mm camera as his tool, the process of developing is unsophisticated and at times clumsy by today's slick standards. The body of work however,whether a lone figure or empty room seem to push and shove at the edges of the still in a disturbing manner,while yet retaining a close intimacy to the subject and viewer. The surface of the silver print is covered by the many compulsive felt-tip signatures and businesslike copyright marks that stress the identity of the maker. These are prominently positioned on the finished print and form an inextricable part of the image. It is not easy to avoid Fieret’s signature, especially given his constant fear that others may have pirated his individual style.

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Angstig ga ik
In het waaien hoor ik mijn stem
op de hoven langs het murwe pad
wat verlang ik naar de ochtend
naar de warmte van de zon
tijd, wat ben ik angstig, wie
helpt mij
angstig ga ik om en om
(Gedicht van Gerard Fieret)

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