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Views & Reviews 10x10 American Photobooks Photography

10x10 American Photobooks Paperback – 2013
by Matthew Carson (Author), Russet Lederman (Author), Olga Yatskevich (Author), & 10 more
Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies, 10x10 American Photobooks is an ongoing cross-cultural dialogue that presents selections of contemporary photobooks from the last 25 years. Stunning in its breath and assortment of contributors, the book features a wide array of photobooks selections from numerous specialists that include writers, photographers, book dealers, collectors, librarians, curators and publishers. The book is full of images of American photobooks published after 1987 and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the contemporary photobook.

About 10×10 American Photobooks
10×10 American Photobooks is a multi-platform photobook event with a reading room, online component and publication that presents American artists’ photobooks from the last 25 years. The project previewed in New York and Pittsburgh in May 2013. It traveled to the Tokyo Institute of Photography for a 4-week run, which coincided with the Tokyo Book and Photo Fairs in September 2013. At the end of the project, all the books from the reading room were donated to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography’s Library. 10×10 American Photobooks is co-sponsored by the International Center of Photography Library, Tokyo Institute of Photography and the Photobook Facebook Group.

10×10 American Photobooks presents 100 contemporary American artists’ photobooks selected by 10 specialists in a reading room and an additional 200 books online from the perspective of 10 American and 10 Japanese photobook specialists, who have each been asked to select 10 books. The project is accompanied by a bilingual English-Japanese publication, designed by bookdummypress, which documents all the selected books along with essays highlighting different aspects of contemporary American photobooks. In addition, Self Publish, Be Happy has produced two pamphlets for 10×10 American Photobooks Tokyo reading room, featuring newly commissioned work by American photographers and writers.

The focus of the event is to offer both the general and photo-specific public the opportunity to see photobooks, which are rarely seen beyond private libraries or independent American photography circles. By emphasizing the selections from the 10 reading room specialists and 20 online specialists, along with essays from noted writers, 10×10 provides a concise and well-researched selection for both the seasoned and new viewer of contemporary American artists’ photobooks.

Some recent 10×10 American Photobooks press:
American Photo by Dan Abbe (May 8, 2013)
Foam Magazine by Ken Schles (September 24, 2013)

The 10×10 American Photobooks publication can be found in the permanent collections of these libraries:

The Victoria and Albert Museum (London)
The Museum of Modern Art (NY)
George Eastman House (Rochester, NY)
The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (NY)
Amon Carter Museum (Fort Worth, TX)
Carnegie Institute (Pittsburgh)
Pratt Institute (Brooklyn)
Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland)
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Japan)
International Center of Photography (NY)
Guggenheim Museum (NY)
Fotohof (Salzburg, Austria)
Brooklyn Museum (NY)
Lancaster Library, Coventry University (UK)
Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Virginia Commonwealth University Library (Richmond, VA)
Cleveland Museum of Art (Ohio)

Here is a fun video showing the 10×10 reading room previews in NYC and Pittsburgh!

10×10 American Reading Room Specialists
Shannon Michael Cane / Printed Matter
Lindsey Castillo, Rebecca O’Keefe, and Grant Willing / The Camera Club of New York
Bruno Ceschel / Self Publish, Be Happy
Christina Labey / Conveyor Arts
Larissa Leclair / Indie Photobook Library
Leigh Ledare / Photographer
Harper Levine + John Gossage / Harper’s Books and Loosestrife Editions
David Senior / Museum of Modern Art Library
David Solo / Collector
Alec Soth and Brad Zellar/ Little Brown Mushroom

10×10 American Online Specialists / English Language
Adam Bell / Photographer and writer
Tom Claxton / Claxton Projects
Jörg Colberg / Conscientious
Matt Johnson / The Photobook Club
Melanie McWorter / photo-eye Bookstore
Eric Miles / photo-eye Auctions
James Pomerantz / The New Yorker
Heidi Sanders / 6 Decades Books
Douglas Stockdale / The Photobook
Philip Tomaru / Arts & Sciences Projects

10x10 American Photobooks. Selections by Eric Miles from photo-eye on Vimeo.

10×10 American Online Specialists / Japanese Language
Kazuhiro Yamaji / Flying Books
Takayuki Kobayashi / flotsam Books
Yumi Goto / Reminders Project
Taka Kawachi / amana photo collection
Standard Bookstore in Osaka
Ihiro Hayami + Atsushi Hamanaka / PHaT PHOTO & twelvebooks
Sawako Fukai / Artbeat Publishers
Mika Kobayashi / The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Akira Higashikata / Nitesha
Yoshikatsu Fujii / Photobook Club Tokyo

10×10 American Publication Writers
Bryan Formhals / LVP Magazine
William E. Jones / Artist, Filmmaker and Writer
Evan Mirapaul / Photobook Collector and Blogger
Andrew Roth / PPP Editions + Roth Gallery
Michael Saur / Writer
Ken Schles / Photographer and Writer
David Levi Strauss / Writer + Chairman, MFA Art Criticism & Writing, School of Visual Arts
Miwa Susuda / Dashwood Books + Session Press
Tony White / Decker Library at the Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art
Bernard Yenelouis / Photographer and Writer

10×10 American Photobooks Team

Matthew Carson / ICP Associate Librarian & Archivist
Russet Lederman / ICP Library Blogger and School of Visual Arts Graduate Faculty
Olga Yatskevich / Founder of the Photobook Facebook Group and phot(o)lia blog
Ihiro Hayami / Director of the Tokyo Institute of Photography
Victor Sira and Shiori Kawasaki / Founders of bookdummypress
Mathieu Asselin / Videographer and imaging specialist
Jeff Gutterman and Tina Nacrelli / Copy editor and installation Specialists
Rie Imanaka / Researcher and Project Coordinator, Tokyo Institute of Photography

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