woensdag 15 mei 2019

中醫舌苔圖譜 [Catalogue of Tongue Coating Diagnoses in Chinese Medicine] The Chinese Photobook Curated by Martin Parr and WassinkLundgren Photography

中醫舌苔圖譜 [Catalogue of tongue coating diagnoses in Chinese medicine].

Auteur/ Illustrator: Song Tianbin ed.
Boektitel: Catalogue of tongue coating diagnoses
Publicatiejaar oudste item: 1984
Druk: Eerste druk
Taal: Chinees
Originele taal: Ja
Uitgever: People's Medical Publishing House, Beijing
Band: Harde kaft
Extra's: Met slipcase
Afmetingen: 21×13 cm

Each page of this atlas of the tongue, released by the People's Medical Publishing House, features a close-up of an individual tongue, accompanied by a description of it's appearance and diagnoses of posible underlying health issues. Analysis of the tongues appearence as an indicator of physical dysfunction dates back - according to this book - to The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, which dates from the second century BCE.

The Chinese Photobook, Parr/WassinkLundgren, page 259

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