zondag 6 januari 2019

036º04' 41"41N-032º50' 03"O Düsseldorf Entrances Meat and Playgrounds Artisis Book Eric Jan van de Geer Photography

Eric Jan van de Geer - 036º04' 41"41N-032º50' 03"O (Polaroids)
Book (hardcover, cover: blind print, 21,4 x17,4 cm, 8,43 x 6,85 inch
fullcolour, 80 pages)
Design / layout: www.werkraum3149.com
Printing DruckVerlag Kettler, Bönen, Germany
Year of publication: 2008
Edition: 300

The title of the book refers to the coordinates of Düsseldorf, where Eric Jan van de Geer was 'Artist in Residence' in 2008. The book contains three series of Fujiroids, Eingänge, Fleisch en Spielplätze, made during his Artist in Residence period in Düsseldorf.

Rotterdam-based photographer/painter Eric Jan van de Geer will be presenting work made during a residency last year in Düsseldorf. I was going to write “polaroids”, but if I remember correctly he used Fuji Instax instant film, which he scanned and enlarged, but only slightly. This book, hard bound with linen cover, features three new series: Eingänge, Fleisch and Spielplätze (Entrances, Meat and Playgrounds). With 80 pages it’s a nice, but not too fat book. 

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