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De draad van het verhaal Graphic Design Jurriaan Schrofer Cas Oorthuys ERIK KESSELS - THE CONTEMPORARY DUTCH PHOTO BOOK Company Photography

De draad van het verhaal
Publisher: Koninklijke Textielfabrieken Nijverdal-Ten Cate NV
Year of publication: 1960
Binding: hardcover (with acetate dust jacket)
Size: 310 x 250 mm
Number of pages: 76
Number of illustrations: 92 black & white photographs; 2 color
Type of illustrations: photo-reportage; humanist photography; company profile
Printer: Meijer NV, Wormerveer
Type of reproduction: letter press printing and offset
Photography: Cas Oorthuys
Design: Jurriaan Schrofer
Text: Bert Schierbeek (literary contribution)
Type: commemoration book (200 year anniversary)
Collection: Jan Wingender, Leusden/the Netherlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

De draad van het verhaal (1960) [Thereby hangs a tale] is typically the kind of company photobook in which parallel to the company profile a visual narrative appears along the theme ‘from the cradle to the grave’. Concepts are intertwined: the industrial reportage running parallel to a broader theme that has a Family of Man-like character is a formula that was used frequently by graphic designer Jurriaan Schrofer (1926-1990) in company photobooks. Another remarkable phenomenon is the ‘staccato-style’ in the captions with the photographs, in which aspects of modern life are cited. The poet Bert Schierbeek (1918-1996) wrote in white bars below the photographs by Cas Oorthuys (1908-1975): 'The spinners are humming, the white cords gathered, divided and pulled, the fibres stretched ...Oh roll thatcotton ball; a white transparent skin out of a wrapping of clouds.’ The text is set in the Baskerville italic.

The heyday of Dutch industrial photography books, 1945 - 1965

Photographer Paul Huf Paul Huff: Highlights (English and Dutch Edition) once commented succinctly on his work as follows: 'They get what they ask for, but I deliver damn good work' - the very thing that makes industrial photography books so attractive. The books show work from a period during which photographers could not make a living as artists/photographers and depended on such prestigious commissions. With this highly professional approach, photographers like Violette Cornelius Violette Cornelius and Ata Kando: Hungarian Refugees 1956, Cas Oorthuys 75 Jaar Bouwen, Van ambacht tot industrie 1889-1964, Ed van der Elsken , Ad Windig Het water - Schoonheid van ons land and Paul Huf established their reputations and influenced our present-day impression of workers and entrepreneurs in the postwar Netherlands. Experimental poets and well-known writers also contributed to these books, fifty of which are on show. 'Het bedrijfsfotoboek 1945-1965. Professionalisering van fotografen in het moderne Nederland' Het Bedrijfsfotoboek 1945-1965 . 

Curator: Erik Kessels

Honourable support: Kingdom of Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw
Opening: 05.09.2014 at 10:15 p.m.
Exhibition is open until 15.09.2014
Bwa Studio, ul. Ruska 46a/13 (inside the yard)

The exhibition presents over 50 contemporary dutch photobooks with curator’s introduction. Netherlands is one of the most important countries in the history of printing. It’s also a country with reach tradition of conceptual and documental photography. The current publishing boom comes from this tradition and it’s based on unique close collaboration between photographers, printers and designers. The exhibition aims to show the different trends and solutions that are characteristic for dutch photobooks. At the same time it’s an subjective choice of the curator who is also an artist working mainly with found photography.

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