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The State of the Art : Dutch Documentary Photography Projects 2011

The State of the Art : Dutch Documentary Photography Projects 2011 :

Andrea Stultiens The Kaddu Wasswa Archive
Anna Dasovic Vredenhof 1939-1945
Anne Geene Perceel nr. 235 / Encyclopedie van een volkstuin
Anouk Kruithof Check Double Check
Anouk Kruithof Intercollapsing
Carel van Hees Non Stop Roteb
Cuny Janssen My Grandma Was A Turtle
Erik Klein Wolterink Terug Thuus
Eva Gjaltema Famylje
Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky 339 Gräser
Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky Herbarium Proprius
Florian Göttke Toppled
Florian van Roekel How Terry likes his Coffee
Hans Eijkelboom Goede Bedoelingen en Modern Wonen
Henk Wildschut Shelter
Ilkka Uimonen The Book of Arguments
Ilse Frech Zjeitu
Jeroen Toirkens Nomads Life
Johannes Schwartz Passion
John Lambrichts Oeverlangen aan de Maas
Judith van IJken Mimicry
Katja Mater Density Drawings in Space
Kay Schuttel POSE Lynn/Samelie/Noa
Kim Bouvy Phantom City
Ksenia Galiaeva No Title, 2010
Liedeke Kruk Portraits
Lucia Nimcova Exercise
Martine Stig Ante
Mike Roelofs Resilience
Niels Blekemolen Bezorgd om Jan Bal
Noshka van der Lely & Willem Zoetendaal Quatorze Juillet
Raoul Kramer Lost Track
Reinier Gerritsen Wall Street Stop
Rob Hornstra & Arnold van Bruggen The Sochi Project
Sara Blokland Reproduction of family part 3: Butterflies don’t exist 
Simone Engelen The Eyes Of Ata
WassinkLundgren Tokyo Tokyo
Willem Popelier ___ EN WILLEM
Wytske van Keulen Je respire: la santé, la tranquillité, la paix, le succes, 7 jours par semaine 
Zachary Formwalt Reading the Economist / Through a Fine Screen

See also the Classics of Dutch Documentary Photobooks ...

A long time ago Thomas Dugan wrote the book Photography Between the Covers (Light Impression, 1979), in which he interviewed bookmakers like Larry Clarke and Eikoe Hosoe. It is an interesting book, but it is better to read more recent articles on specific books on the internet. 
Interestingly in the Netherlands a book with the same title was published and dealt with photographic books the way Roth, Parr and Badger did. The bilangual Foto in omslag : Het Nederlandse documentaire fotoboek na 1945 / Photography between covers : The Dutch documentary photobook after 1945 (Fragment, 1989) edited by Mattie Boom tells the story of photographic books in The Netherlands since 1945. The titles involved where put in an international and historical context of the publicizing of photobooks. Certainly there is a tradition in producing fine photographic books in the Netherlands.

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