woensdag 26 mei 2010

the Lowing Cow Logo of a photographer Martien Coppens Subjective Photography


Eindhoven - Leiden, Van Abbemuseum / De Lakenhal, 1953. 24 pp., geniet. 1e druk. 19 x 26 cm. Inscr.: . 7 en 16 en 1 pagina. Catalogusbij de tentoonstellingen van 53 en 54 over de Stormramp en Ontheemden in Duitsland. Er werden 83 foto's tentoongesteld en 16 daarvan zijn afgedrukt in deze cat.

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"Those commonplace and merely beautiful pictures, which thrive mainly thanks to the charm of some actual object, are thrust into the background in favor of experiments and fresh solutions. Adventures into the realm of optics are still for the most part unpopular. But only that photography which enlists the help of the experimental will be able to lay bare all the technical formation of the visual experience in our times." Otto Steinert

"Art would perhaps be authentic only when it had totally rid itself of the idea of authenticity . . ." Theodor Adorno

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