zondag 16 mei 2010

the Last of the genuine Cowboys Jane Hilton Photography

Jane Hilton stumbled across the inspiration for her latest project, Dead Eagle Trail, after coming across a dead Golden Eagle in the middle of a road in Nevada. The experience inspired her to document and explore one of the most romantic and iconic archetypes of American culture and history, the cowboy and his way of life.
Dead Eagle Trail is an empathetic portrayal of 21st century cowboys, photographed in their own personal environments and surrounded by their collections of artefacts and memorabilia.
Jane Hilton has worked in both advertising and editorial photography since the 1980s, with documentary projects providing the mainstay of her work today.
The exhibition, Dead Eagle Trail, runs until 21 May 2010 at the Host Gallery in Honduras Street, London. A book of the same name is published by Schilt Publishing. Lees verder ...

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