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Sarajevo Hiroshima Berlin Bikini Island Chernobyl Khe San and My Lai Memory Traces by Cary Markerink Photography

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Bikini Island, Shattered Coral 1999

Bikini Atoll, Aomen Island, Observation Bunker Bravo H-bomb Test Shot 1999

Bikini Island, Clouds over Bikini Lagoon 1999

Chernobyl, Control Panel Reactor 4 2000

Chernobyl, Control Room Reactor 4 2000

Chernobyl, Rozsokha, Graveyard for Contaminated Equipment 2000

Memory Traces is the title of my recent publication, in which I relate to notions about landscape, culture, history and memory. Memory Traces is an unconventional photo-book, composed to be an experience, in which a selection of landscape photographs are combined with a multi-layered range of texts which include excerpts from travelogues, ‘written photographs’ and a short story situated in the art-world which, among other things, deals with 'The Artification of Photography' and ‘The End of Silver-based Photography’. In a second separate booklet a Chernobyl family album of found negatives has been reproduced.

The large format photographs were made in Sarajevo; Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Berlin, Bitterfeld-Wolfen and Ronneburg; Bikini Island and Nam Island; Chernobyl; Khe San and My Lai. See for a review (Dutch) by Hans Aarsman ... & by Mrs Deane :

of tomes and tombs: memory traces by cary markerink (part one)

Photography & text Cary Markerink, Amsterdam
Designed by Irma Boom Office, Amsterdam

Published by Ideas on Paper, Amsterdam / Hoofddorp

Printed by 1455 Fine Art Printers, Hasselt

Oversized Clothbound Hardcover

30,5 x 41 cm / 12 x 16 inch

202 pages, 8 gate-folds + 5 double gate-folds,

together with two small booklets, 'Höffding Step' and 'Dark Star'

12x16 cm / 4,7x6,3 inch each

in a printed box.

Publishing date December 13th 2009

English edition

ISBN/EAN 978-94-90506-01-8

Cary Markerink In the beginning of the 70th, after a period of indecisiveness whether to continue in painting or to explore the profession of film making, Cary Markerink dedicated himself to photography. He finished the Gerrit Rietveld Art school in 1978. In the same year his project 'City stills' which he started during his Art School period was honored an assignment by the Municipal City Council of Amsterdam, a project in which he broke with the then general practice of so called 'social photography'.
His photography mostly combines a distinct interest in the formal aspects of the medium combined with the stance of an outsider looking at the visual by-effects caused by the behavior of the society he is living in.
In 1981 he was cofounder of Fragment Publishers which aimed at reviving the then almost extinct tradition of the author photo-book in the Netherlands.
In 1991 he received the Amsterdam Maria Austria price for his landscape photography.

Some of the projects he realized are:

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