dinsdag 1 december 2009

Damrak the Fifth Avenue of Amsterdam Theo Niekus Street Photography

At the end of November 2009 the first issue of the new photography magazine REPORT will be published by Theo Niekus. The start of Report was inspired by the photography magazines Reportage by Menno van der Koppel & Colin Jacobson and Record by Daido Moriyama. The magazine, size 19x26,5 cm with 48 pages, has only full colour page-size pictures. Only 500 copies will be printed, just small/big enough to hopefully make it into a collectorsitem as soon as possible. REPORT #2 shall be published mid 2010.

See also street photography of Rotterdam by Otto Snoek ...

Passage passanten Hotel de Roode Leeuw Damrak Amsterdam Netherlands may 20th 2007 ...

1 opmerking:

Judith van Praag zei

Theo Niekus without a doubt is and has been THE chronicler and photo essayist of Amsterdam's street life for the past three decades.

But Bint, to call the Damrak the Fifth Avenue of Amsterdam, you really crack me up.