woensdag 5 augustus 2009

Young photography talent from all over the world the Black Snapper

The Black Snapper presents young photography talent from all over the world.

The magazine has gone live on August 1st 2009 and is working with guest curators such as Abbas of Magnum Photos, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in Japan, International Photo Festival Bangladesh, Centro de la Imagen in Peru and The New York Times Magazine. In the Netherlands, guest curators include nrc.next, Vrij Nederland magazine and Canvas International Art.

Each day The Black Snapper presents a different photographer selected by one of the many guest curators, who switch places on a weekly basis. Visitors of the online magazine can expect to see a new series of some eight to twenty photos each day.

The Black Snapper aims to create an online community that will inspire professionals and photography lovers worldwide and expose new talent. In addition, the online magazine emphatically supports the emancipation and promotion of photographers from Asia, Africa and South America.

The online magazine will refresh daily at midnight on the international dateline. Next to the presented photos, project description and/or artist statements are published and the curators will explain their choices. The diversity of the guest curators prevents any one taste or preference from becoming dominant.

Please visit our archive section, where previously displayed images are stored, our navigate to publishing photographers’ own website or representing gallery.

The Black Snapper is the brainchild of designer Frank Kloos and documentary photographer Diederik Meijer, both based in Amsterdam. The online magazine was born from their passion for photography. The Black Snapper uses the Internet to discover and present photographic talent from all over the world in a faster and more uncomplicated way.

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