zaterdag 22 augustus 2009

Erwin Olaf self portraits entitled ‘50 Years Old’ Photography

I Wish ...

Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf celebrates being 50 years old with self portraits that show how he currently looks like, how he wishes he looked like, and how he will look like as he gets older.
His new ‘50 Years Old’ set features the three self-explaining images ‘I Am,’ ‘I Wish,’ and ‘I Will Be.’

In addition to being a celebration of one’s age, the set subtly showcases our culture’s obsession with youth and the heavy use of Photoshop in fashion photography.

Erwin Olaf is no stranger to controversial and socially-aware topics. You can check out more of his features below. References: erwinolaf, homotography.blogspot

I Am ...
I Will Be ...

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