vrijdag 31 juli 2009

the E-books of Wolfgang Tillmans Photography

tillmans is acclaimed as a chronicler of his generation,and he has garnered international recognition as oneof the most significant artists to emerge in the 1990s.his distinctive work has been hugely influential for ageneration of younger artists.

at first tillmans documented the european club scenein a manner that captured its dynamic style with anaffecting sincerity, and he presented this work incarefully crafted spreads for british fashion andlifestyle magazines (such as i-D).he then increasingly presented subjects ranging fromstill lifes to portraits of friends and celebrities,subtly alluding to his interest in issues such ashomelessness, racism, and gay rights.despite his use of magazine layouts as an early vehiclefor his work, his provocative images always challengedthe superficial gloss of the fashion industry andsubverted notions of beauty and sexuality.

while certain works are notably singular and iconic,his use of a shifting scale for his prints and anever-changing rotation of images with each successiveinstallation demonstrates his desire to see all of hispictures as universally significant.in doing so, tillmans suggests that an unassuming imageof jars of jam on a counter-top carries equal weight andimportance as an image of a bolt of lightning or apolitical rally.by applying the same clarity of vision and intensity ofpurpose to every picture - whether an image of a place,person, situation, or an abstraction - tillmans offers avisually unified perspective on the diverse phenomenathat comprise the broad spectrum of lived experience.since the 1990s, tillmans's work has turned increasingly

Police helicopter, lees de recensie ...

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