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Photography blogs ...

Photography blogs

Posted by Guy Lane Monday 22 June 2009 10.33 BST

'The whole point of taking pictures', according to Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, 'is so that you don't have to explain things with words.' Hmm, maybe so - but for photography's dedicated bloggers, his advice has fallen on stony ground. Just as the medium continues to expand at a dizzying rate, so too do the accompanying words, explanations, accounts and interpretations that photography inspires.

What must Erwitt make of Magnum's own blog where you can read conversations and interviews with such luminaries as Bruce Gilden, Alec Soth and Michael Subotzky? Or visit its archive and discover field reports from members in Washington, Abu Dhabi, Machu Picchu, Jakarta…

Another agency offering commentary on its own progress is Reuters. Check their blog for members' opinions on the issues and concerns that affect working photojournalists; and take the opportunity to see the 'overs' and extended edits that do not make it into print.

To savour something of the sweet aroma - or acrid stench - of freelance life, visit the highly enjoyable blogs of Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert in Tokyoland, and erstwhile Tabasco Kid (don't ask), Leon Neal.

Not for the first time, the future of photojournalism appears beset by uncertainty; meanwhile that of art photography seems almost robust by comparison. Jorg Colberg's brisk and intelligent Conscientious serves as a useful introduction to the work of some of the genre's more accessible exponents. As does the Aperture Foundation's Exposures blog, albeit from a more pronounced North American perspective.

It remains to be seen whether the extraordinary surge of interest in photography books in recent years will be sustained, or is indicative merely of a bubble. Until we find out, there is no better guide to all things photobook-related than Jeffrey Ladd's authoritative, comprehensive and ever-so-slightly-obsessive 5B4. If it all gets a bit too intense, head for the reviews section of the excellent Lens Culture blog for some light relief.

If you want a smattering of all of the above and equipment reviews and competition news – try two magazine blogs: Photo District News' PDNPulse and the British Journal of Photography's 1854.

For those with an interest in photography theory, No Caption Needed and (Notes on) Politics, Theory and Photography both offer thought-provoking, topical and user-friendly analyses of issues relating to contemporary photographic practice.

Finally, and in a display of shameless self-promotion, I can unreservedly recommend my own blog, found on the ever vibrant Foto8 site. Alongside book and exhibition reviews you can find my interviews with some of photography's most influential and respected practitioners, including Andreas Gursky, Susan Meiselas, Martin Parr, and Richard Misrach.

Of course there are many more out there - why not send us links to your favourites, with brief explanations of why you endorse them?

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