vrijdag 5 juni 2009

Fw: Pages at PhotoEspana a new generation of photo books Dutch Photography

Fw: Pages at PhotoEspana

Fw: Pages, una nueva generación de libros de fotografía

Interview with FW. Pages, a new generation of photo books
Marta Gonzalez de Miñon - Madrid - 23/02/2008 -->

Internet's arrival inspired fears of the demise of photo books. Currently, however, this medium continues to be just as important. The Internet era has meant that photo books are no longer reserved just for well-known photographers. Self-publishing and instant printing are only some of the terms that characterise these new publishing endeavours and Dutch youth are making very good use of these possibilities.

The exhibition, organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, unites nearly 40 publications that reveal the revitalisation of an apparently traditional medium. A good many of these works, created by artists such as Melanie Bonajo and Semâ Bekirovic, are self-published by the photographers themselves; however, large publishing groups are also being influenced by the initiatives of young photographers, as confirmed by the wide selection of new talents now found in their catalogues.

The exhibition Pages, a project by the artistic collective Fw:, was shown in 2008 at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, at the Kassel Fotofrühling and as part of the LOW Festival at the Dutch-Flemish Cultural Programme in Budapest. The Fw: collective is formed by Karin Krijgsman, Dieuwertje Komen, Petra Stavast, Hans Gremmen and Claudia Küssel. In 2009, Pages will launch a website to act as an archive and a platform for future projects. Read more ...

Opening: June 5th, 18:00 Plaza Major, Cuenca (Spain)

The exhibition is part of the official program of PhotoEspana 2009, and is situated in the -for this occasion- empty library of the Fundación Antonio Saura, Casa Zavala in Cuenca.

The exhibition shows publications, videoworks and photos of:
Raymond Taudin Chabot / Jaap Scheeren / Mieke Woestenburg / Bob van der Vlist / Andrea Stultiens / Paulien Oltheten / WassinkLundgren / Rob van Hoesel / Rob Philip / Annelies Goedhart / Vanessa van Dam + Martine Stig / Ringel Goslinga / Petra Stavast / Niels Stomps / Melanie Bonajo + Kinga Kielczynska / Antje Peters / Erik van der Weijde / Linda Maria Birbeck / Rob Hornstra / Eva Marie Rødbro / Koen Hauser / Charlotte Dumas / Geraldine Jeanjean / Anouk Kruithof / Monique Scuric / Ilse Frech / Nickel van Duijvenboden / Thomas Manneke / Magdalena Pilko / Cuny Janssen / Vivianne Sassen / Wytske van Keulen

The publication 'Pages, the Cuenca Edition' will be presentated and available on this venue. The exhibition takes place from June 3 through July 26 in the Fundación Antonio Saura, Cuenca (Spain).