woensdag 1 april 2009

Henny Cahn Graphic Design Bauhaus De Stijl De Nieuwe Zakelijkheid Photography

Paul HeftingDe Buitenkant Amsterdam 2006 Sewn paperback 64 pages Illustrations in colour & bl/w Design: Joseph PlateauText in Dutch

Although today almost forgotten Henny Cahn belongs to a small group of Dutch designers who in the thirties were strongly under the influence from Bauhaus, De Stijl and De Nieuwe Zakelijheid. Piet Zwart and Paul Schuitema became the most famous but Gerard Kiljan and his student Henny Cahn were by no means any less talented. Cahn fled Holland during the war and when he came back afterwards he disregarded functionalism and although he continued to do graphic design he principally became an inventor of appliances for the handicapped.This small publication, an issue of the irregular periodical 'Uitgelezen Boeken' made by the famous, small, Dutch, publisher De Buitenkant, is the first such attempt to illustrate the life and work of this 'forgotten' designer.

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