dinsdag 31 maart 2009

New York Photo Festival (May 14May 18, 2008) Photography

Photography, one of the most important visual media of our lives, has been surprisingly uncelebrated, particularly in the United States. New York City, home to the most influential commercial and fine art photography community, has lacked—until now—a large-scale event dedicated to photography. The inaugural New York Photo Festival (May 14May 18, 2008) delivered a dynamic, high-quality event in what is arguably the photographic capital of the world. This event celebrated both contemporary photography and the creative, inspirational talents of the people who produce this work. The New York Photo Festival 2008 took place in DUMBO, an off-the-beaten-track, but easily accessible neighborhood on the Brooklyn waterfront between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

Festival Curators for NYPH 09 include photo editor Jody Quon (New York Magazine); editor, publisher, and curator Chris Boot; William A. Ewing, Director of the Musée de lElysée in Lausanne; and Jon Levy, founder of Foto8 and publisher of 8 Magazine as well as founder of HOST Gallery in London.http://www.nyphotofestival.com/

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