maandag 2 maart 2009

Daguerreotypes of the Enschedé family Photography

F.W. Deutmann Johannes III Enschedé 1849

Daguerreotypes of the Enschedé family

The well-known family of printers from Haarlem, the Enschedés, own an extraordinary collection of family portraits, which are among the oldest photograph portraits in the Netherlands (1839-1855). The existence of nearly a hundred daguerreotypes of one family is exceptional. These photographs were subject to conservation so that they could be displayed for the first time.

In collaboration with the Enschedé family, Museum Joh. Enschedé and the Nederlands Fotomuseum, which will be presenting its daguerreobase.

AnonymousChristina Gerarda Enschedéc. 1847

Th. HutchinsonWillem Adriaan EnschedéJuly 1842

Jacobus Enschedé (?)Woltera Enschedéc. 1843

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