woensdag 17 september 2008

Ata Kandó, photographer Monography Photography

The Hungarian-Dutch photographer Ata Kandó was born in Budapest in 1913. In 1932 she left for Paris with her first husband, the artist Gyula Kandó, with whom she had three children. After the war she joined the Magnum photo agency as an assistant. In 1954 she married the Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken and moved to Holland with him.

Kandó first made her name with compassionate photographs of refugees fleeing Hungary afterthe suppressed uprising of 1956 and of aboriginal tribes in Amazonia. At the same time she was taking poetic photos of her own children as well as photographing for a number of fashion houses. Ata Kandó also played a significant role for younger generations of Dutch photographers through her teaching at the Enschede Academy of Visual Arts (aki) and elsewhere. Among her pupils were later luminaries such as Koen Wessing and Ad van Denderen, the latter of whom, together with Leo Erken, made the selection for this monograph. Philosopher, political scientist and NRC Handelsblad journalist Rosan Hollak contributes a fascinating biographical portrait of one of Dutch photographic history’s most striking figures. Ata Kandó’s work has been published in many books in addition to being seen at numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and North America. This is the first comprehensive overview of her photographic oeuvre. Bekijk het videoverslag (4 min 12 sec) & lees verder ...

Ata Kandó is represented by Hup Gallery in Amsterdam. A special box with photos by Hup Gallery and Ata Kandó is available during the party. For more information please contact Lars Boering: t +31(0)6-51147503e boering@luxphotogallery.comOr http://www.metsenschilt.com/

Gebouw Het SieraadPostjesweg 11057 DT AmsterdamT 06-51147503 boering@luxphotogallery.com http://www.luxphotogallery.com/ www.metsenschilt.com Mets & Schilt uitgevers ISBN 9789053306123 NUR 653 150 photos duotone, 180 pages22 x 24,5 cm

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