woensdag 23 juli 2008

Heimat Hotel Breda Photo Festival 2008 Martin Parr Photography


The time in which we live today is characterised by an increasing intolerance towards “the other”. The fear for the unknown is growing due to political developments worldwide and a failing integration policy in some European countries. More and more people seek refuge in their own norms and values and nationalistic feelings become predominant. With an almost spasmodic attitude people are looking for their own identity.
The country the Netherlands was almost in a state of panic when some time ago her Royal Highness princess Maxima stated that she could not find “the Dutch identity”. As a relative outsider she showed her enjoyment about the diversity in the Netherlands.

In the edition 2008 Breda Photo wants to put emphasis on this diversity, not only in the Netherlands, but also far beyond that. And it would also want to stress the beauty of it. During Breda Photo 2008 an open view on other cultures will be combined with a critical look on our own western world under the title of “Heimat Hotel”. The title “Heimat Hotel” is chosen because “Heimat” carries the idea of yearning and beauty through words like home and homesickness, while “Hotel” strengthens the feeling of eradication and double nationality. The addition “Hotel” puts the title literally on the move.

“Heimat Hotel” can be subdivided into a number of sub themes:
- “Heimat Hotel” represents an anthropological view on the other and on us. It is a challenge to look for characteristics and the extraordinary aspects of different cultures. In cooperation with the Breda’s Museum we look for various photographers who can each document the recent history of their own country and culture.
- Many people struggle with the double identity and search for new images that show connection between different cultures. People who left and view back are by excellence able to show the bridge between different cultures. The photographer Ahmet Polat, who portrays the jet set with the street life in Istanbul, a city where various worlds meet, is an excellent example.
- The contrast between the various ideas of the concept “home”. How does home look like in a country like Brazil? What kind of a poor home does a fugitive or illegal immigrant have? And how does this compare to our idea of home? We think here about an exposition in the open air, containing big blow-ups, in the park Valkenberg or on the place of the Chassé Theatre.
- “The beauty of the other”. Contemplating the other but also the own culture from a distance generates the most fascinating contributions to the contemporary melting pot. Martin Parr plays a decisive role in this, because he explores the lifestyle of the middle-class already for years and he shows a sometimes-confronting mirror to the western society of today. This mirror can never better be situated than in the public space. The photos will therefore be presented in the open-air exposition.

Breda Photo continues to create a tradition of photographic festivals reacting on social developments. With “Heimat Hotel” we hope to deliver a positive contribution to the multicultural society. That is why Breda Photo should characterise melancholy and loneliness, the critical view on the other and ourselves, but particularly the innovation and beauty that emerges when two worlds meet.


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