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Omaggio Al Cappello [A Tribute to the Hat] For CEO’s Only Mirelle Thijsen Bart Sorgedrager Company Photography

For CEO’s Only is a selection of international company photobooks from the private collection of professional photographer Bart Sorgedrager, based in Amsterdam. Research assistant Clara Jankowski (MA Master Photographic Studies, Leiden University) has compiled a bibliography and captions for this particular selection of company photobooks and is presented in the exhibition as FOR CEO’S ONLY (alluding to the title of a company photobook by Richard Avedon for M&A Group in New York).

Omaggio Al Cappello [A Tribute to the Hat]
Publisher: Arti Grafiche Amilcare Pizzi, Milan
Year of publication: 1957
Binding: hardcover (linen cloth with embossed title; illustrated dust jacket)
Size: 292 x 255 mm
Number of pages: 150
Number of illustrations: 79 black & white photographs; 1 color
Type of illustrations: company profile; historical and portrait photography
Printer: Arti Grafische Amilcare Pizzi, Milan
Type of reproduction: offset
Text: Mario Carrieri; Giuseppe Trevisani; Massimo Vignelli (eds.)
Type: commemoration book (100 year anniversary)
Collection: Bart Sorgedrager, Amsterdam

The 100th year anniversary of the Borsalino company resulted in a bulky tribute to headdress. The publication is composed of pictures, photography and reproductions of paintings which makes it a versatile design. The dust jacket is printed on two sides: on the outside the assemblage of a hat is depicted, and hidden on the inside flaps is a photograph of the apartments of employees. The inside work is compiled of a series of reproductions of famous paintings that show people with hats. These reproductions are pasted on black pages. The second section in the book contains various humorous and fashion illustrations, with the hat as central topic. The third section displays full-page portraits of employers with a short but quite a personal history introducing each person. Omaggio Al Cappello conveys to the reader the company’s fascination for and affection with the (making of the) Italy’s famous headdress.

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