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Samba Samba Brasil Jun Miki Une Bibliothèque Irene Attinger Photography

Jun MIKI "Samba Samba Brazil" 1967 Photobook
Jun MIKI, photographer. "Sanba Sanba Burajiru" - Samba Samba Brasil" - "Samba Samba Brazil." Japan: Kenkosha, 1967, First Edition, HB, 36 cm x 27 cm, approx. 130pp, color & b/w gravure photos, text in Japanese, English and Portuguese including a page of essay by the photographer.

une bibliothèque - Maison européenne de la photographie
Attinger, Irene
ISBN 10: 2330075197 / ISBN 13: 9782330075194
Dans le prolongement de l'ouvrage "Une Collection", publié en 2015 et devenu collector, cette nouvelle publication invite ceux qui aiment les livres à découvrir l'exceptionnelle collection de livres de photographie appartenant à la Maison Européenne de la Photographie. Les cent livres présentés dans cette édition sont choisis parmi les 32 000 références de la bibliothèque de la MEP qui en font la bibliothèque de photographie la plus grande d'Europe et témoignent ainsi de l'importance du livre dans l'histoire de la photographie. L'ouvrage est une sélection de livres d'auteurs, choisis tant pour leur qualité éditoriale qu'artistique, révélant un rapport particulier entre l'oeuvre photographique et l'objet livre. - Nombre de page(s) : 240 - Poids : 1582g

Jun MIKI was one of Japan's pioneers in photojournalism, the first Japanese photographer to publish in Life Magazine. Despite only publishing this one masterpiece of a photobook, Miki is held in only slightly less regard than the Japanese King of photojournalism, Ken Domon. Indeed, this book is published by the same publisher as Domon's landmark Hiroshima and the lavish construction of this book mimics that one - same size, same quality printing materials. The Miki Jun Award was established in 1999 to remember his legacy.

Chapters: 1) Brasilia, 2) Cristalina, 3) Ouro Preto, 4) Women in Rio de Janeiro, 5) Modern Industry, 6) The Xavantes Tribe in Amazonia, 7) Japanese in Sao Paulo, 8) Copacabana & Ipanema, 9) Carnival. The "Brasilia" chapter is a fascinating look at the city as it was being created and the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer. "Cristalina" visits a mining region and one thinks of Domon's masterpiece Chikuho no Kodomotachi. Though published in 1967 the photographs were taken during visits in 1958 and 1960 so the connections to Domon's greatest photobooks are closer than one might think. This photobook is destined to be included in future references whether that is a future volume of Parr and Badger or someone else - eventually someone will have to take notice of the second great representative of Japanese photojournalism.

"Reproductions of Miki's photographs of Rio and Brazil in the late sixties - the architecture, the people, the women, printed in rich gravure. This is the only large-format book Miki Jun published in his life-time. The dark photogravures are a superb record of Brazil in the 60s, capturing the amazing energy and the optimism of the period. Parts of the new capital of Brazilia had just been built by Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa and their grand architectural vision is documented in a series of impressive black-white images. Kenko-sha's gravure printing is among the best ever!."--Photo-eye

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