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Sahara à l'heure de la découverte la Guilde du Livre Yvan Dalain Photography

Sahara à l'heure de la découverte.
PHOTOGRAPHIE] - DALAIN (Yvan) & FAVROD (Charles-Henri).
Edité par Lausanne, La Guilde du Livre, 1958, 1 vol. in-4 (280 x 220) cartonné sous jaquette illustrée, de 106 pp. Coins et coiffes très légèrement émoussés sinon très bel exemplaire., 1958
Edition originale tirée à 10030 exemplaires (N°5185). Edition hors commerce réservée aux membres de la Guilde du Livre. Somptueuses photographies en noir et blanc de Yvan Dalain, reproduites en héliogravure. Texte de Charles-Henri Favrod. Réf. biblio. : Desachy, Mandery, 119.

La Guilde du Livre - Les albums-photographiques 1941-1977 

Here retraced album by album, the history of photo-albums of the Guild of the book of Lausanne, founded by Albert Mermoud. Robert Doisneau, Izis, Jacques Prévert, Colette, Cendras, and many others have written the history of the Guild. "Le Paris des rêves" of Izis was sold at more than 120000 copies 600 reproductions illustrate 84 photo-albums of the Guild along with bibliographic and historical comments that shed a new light on this editorial saga. 

Founded by the Gutenberg book guild as a branch in French-speaking Switzerland, the Guild du Livre developed quickly under the direction of Albert Mermoud and became independent of its mother house in only a few years. In addition to books devoted to French literature and translations of books in foreign languages that were being offered to the members at reasonable prices, the Guild du Livre launched a series of carefully produced photographic volumes printed in gravure at the end of the 1940s. During the 1950s, before this costly printing process was replaced by the cheaper offset printing, the series reached its pinnacle in terms of quality and circulation. In addition to photographic volumes by Henriette Grindat, volumes of work by Robert Doisneau, Izis, Paul Strand and Swiss photographers Gotthard Schuh, Yvan Dalain and Henry Brandt were among the best-know and most successful publications.

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