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Nieuwe Matex Amatex Van Ommeren Jan Bons Carel Blazer Frits Rotgans 1/100 Dutch Photographic Publications from the Wingender Collection Photography

Nieuwe Matex Amatex
Publisher: Matex / Van Ommeren concern, Rotterdam
Year of publication: [1965]
Binding: paperback (square), glewed
Size: 240x240mm
Number of pages: 38
Number of illustrations: 35 black & white photographs
Type of illustrations: reportage; company profile
Printer: Joh. Enschedé en Zonen, Haarlem
Type of reproduction: letter press printing and offset
Photography: Carel Blazer; Frits Rotgans a.o.
Design: Jan Bons
Text: Anonymous (informative)
Type: promotional publication
Collection: Jan Wingender, Leusden/the Netherlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

On the basis of formal aesthetics this company booklet is of the type cinematic scenario. The layout of the English-, German- and Dutch-language publication is similar to that of de jong & van dam (1962). This state-of-the-art publication designed by Jan Bons (1918- 2012) contains panoramic photographs by Frits Rotgans (1912-1978) of Rotterdam Botlek, storage and transport, as well as pipelines. Further it contains a printed transparent page and maps on waterways.

Collectors Mania 1/100 Dutch Photographic Publications from the Wingender Collection Photography
This publication highlights over 70 hidden gems from the Wingender collection, one of the most comprehensive collections of Dutch photobooks today. Since 1956 Jan Wingender accumulated 7000 photobooks, ranging from the 19th century to now.

The collection comprises photo books by photographers such as Ed van der Elsken and Eva Besnyö, as well as rare vernacular publications such as photographically illustrated company books, schoolbooks, and political pamphlets. As such it offers an overview of a rapidly transforming visual culture in the Netherlands, and makes the development of applied Dutch photography insightful. The collection was acquired by the Nederlands Fotomuseum in 2013.

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