vrijdag 8 april 2016

WE ARE LIKE THE REST Poles in the Netherlands Verena Blok Photography

Currently working on a series about Dutch-Polish youth in The Netherlands: the children of the first Polish immigrants in The Netherlands that arrived in the early '90s and '00s.


Verena Blok uses her camera to record the day-to-day life of twelve-year-old Natalia. The little Polish girl poses for the camera, or is snapped in passing, in both idyllic landscapes and bleak interiors. The book, I Smell Like Rain, draws an honest and intimate portrait of Natalia and her world. She lives with her father and four brothers in the rural village of Czarnówka in northeast Poland, a place where Blok herself spent her childhood summers. The beauty of the surrounding countryside contrasts sharply with the dreariness of the village. For Blok, Natalia is the impersonation of this paradox. The book gives pride of place to Natalia, the only female in an all malehousehold, devoting large, double page spreads to her. In Sybren Kuiper’s design the socially dominant brothers and father are shown in small tucked away booklets inside the book.

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