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The Best Dutch PhotoBooks 2015 by photo-eye & de Volkskrant Photography

Dutch photoBooks 2015 The Complete list ... 

photo-eye’s Best Books of 2015

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Imperial Courts.

Photographs by Dana Lixenberg.
Roma Publications, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015. In English. 269 pp., black-and-white, 9½x12¼".

This title was selected for the Shortlist for the 2015 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards
In 1992, Dana Lixenberg travelled to South Central Los Angeles for a magazine story on the riots that erupted following the verdict in the Rodney King trial. What she encountered inspired her to revisit the area, and led her to the community of the Imperial Courts housing project in Watts. Returning countless times over the following twenty-two years, Lixenberg gradually created a collaborative portrait of the changing face of this community. Over the years, some in the community were killed, while others disappeared or went to jail, and others, once children in early photographs, grew up and had children of their own. In this way, Imperial Courts constitutes a complex and evocative record of the

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Nude Animal Cigar. 
Photographs by Paul Kooiker.
Art Paper Editions. 336 pp., 6¾x9½".

Paul Kooiker is among the most interesting conceptual photographers currently working in the Netherlands. Although his work consists of photographic images, he is not so much a photographer as a sculptor and installation artist. His fascination with intriguing themes like voyeurism, innocence and clichés leads him to construct fictive collections of images that are of extremely uncertain origin, subject and significance. In his latest installation, 'Nude Animal Cigar', Kooiker looks back over his twenty-year career. The result is a bewildering array of photographic works, in which images of nudes and animals are interspersed with close-ups of the countless cigars he has smoked in his studio over the years.

By Christien Meindertsma & Mathijs Labadie
Thomas Eyck

Since her first book Checked Baggage in 2004, I’ve been amazed by the sheer ingenuity and intelligence of the methodologies that Christien Meinderstma utilizes in her practice. She has maintained an original and intriguing set of processes and approaches for the past decade, dealing specifically with globalization, consumerism and the way we engage with traditional materials. Her newest publication Bottom Ash Observatory: An Incinerated Municipal Solid Waste Expedition, is no exception, repeating the encyclopedic approach taken in the brilliantPIG 05049, Meinderstma dissects and records 25 kilos of bottom ash and constructs a photographic analysis of how we can think differently about waste. The feel of the images borrows from a 19th Century aesthetic, whilst the scientific narrative is incredibly contemporary and engaging. The book is beautifully produced and includes images by collaborator Mathijs Ladabie.

By Geert Goiris

Prophet gives us a world that is entirely recognizable yet disruptively foreign. The images are suggestive of a narrative without guides, fragments of moving time and action made still, frozen in darkness and a flash of light.
By Sanne Peper

Peper throws unexpected images and words at the mirage that is the American "deep south." Myth upon myth.

By Cor Jaring
Uitgeverij Hannibal
By Mariken Wessels
Art Paper Editions

Many books have been made in the past years about/with archives of amateur photography. But Mariken Wessels takes this game to a whole new level. Carefully edited into a document that does not necessarily want to please the viewer, it challenges him/her to take a stand and by doing so, become part of this unique project.

By Maurice van Es
RVB Books

I saw this work for the first time in 2013 and it has stuck in my mind ever since. The way van Es captures everyday life seems effortless, but it is done in such a way that you see things — that you thought you knew — in such a way that you never can see them again the way you did.

By Annegien van Doorn
FW: Books

It’s not surprising that the cover of Annegien van Doorn’s first book is made from the silver lining of a milk bottle. As a photographer, she uses anything and everything to create sculptural images; sculptures that she has found, created or imagined. van Doorn’s work is proof that she is undoubtedly one of Holland’s new raw talents.

De beste fotoboeken van 2015
© Hilde Harshagen

De beste fotoboeken van 2015

De Volkskrant presenteert dinsdag het jaarlijkse overzicht van Nederlandse fotoboeken. Van de bijna 90 gesignaleerde fotoboeken zijn er 22 samengebracht in de Top 22 - de beste fotoboeken van 2015.

Uit die 22 hoogvliegers is weer een selectie gemaakt van 12 boeken, die de redactie van V beschouwt als de indringendste, mooiste en/of intrigerendste van 2015. De productie van Nederlandse fotoboeken bleef ten opzichte van 2014 ongeveer gelijk.

Dit is de Top 12 van Nederlandse fotoboeken uit 2015, in alfabetische volgorde.

Annette Behrens: (in matters of) Karl. Fw: Books. Vormgeving: Hans Gremmen.  30 Euro.
Boek over een beladen vakantieverblijf, door hoge SS'ers uit Auschwitz in Tweede Wereldoorlog gebruikt. 
Geert Goiris: Prophet. Roma Publications. Vormgeving: Roger Willems. 55 euro.
Fascinerende onheilsprofetie van een lege duistere, kille toekomst.
Claudia Heinermann: Wolfskinder. A Post-War Story. Eigen beheer. Vormgeving: -SYB-. 56 euro.
Zoektocht in Litouwse wouden naar inmiddels bejaarde voormalige wolfskinderen, wezen die aan het einde van WOII bedelend moesten overleven.  
Cuny Janssen: BLU. Snoeck. Vormgeving -SYB -. 58 euro.
Portret van Roma-kinderen aan de rand van de samenleving bij Napels.
Marie-José Jongerius / Hans Gremmen: Edges of the Experiment. Fw: Books. Vormgeving: Hans Gremmen. 45 euro.
Fascinerend onderzoek naar de fictieve oorsprong van Amerika: een door mensenhand gecrëerde illusie van wildernis.
Sjoerd Knibbeler: Paper Planes. Fw: books. Vormgeving: Hans Gremmen. 25 euro.
Leporello met foto's op karton van gevouwen papieren droomvliegtuigjes. 
Dana Lixenberg: Imperial Courts 1993-2015. Roma Publications. Vormgeving: Roger Willems. 60 euro.
Vasthoudendheid en nieuwsgierigheid resulteren in een juweel van een boek over achterstandswijk in Los Angeles.
Melanie Matthieu: Lâmo Lâva. Eigen beheer. Vormgeving: Esther Krop. 38 euro.
Hemel en aarde komen samen in een geheimzinnig beeldverhaal in zachte grijstinten.
Sanne Peper: Due to Lack of Interest Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled. Lecturis. Vormgeving Michaël Snitker. 35 euro.
Omzwervingen door de klamme zuidelijke staten van Amerika, waar christelijke en duivelse vermaningen om voorrang strijden.
Mariken Wessels: Taking Off, Henry my Neighbor. Eigen beheer. Vormgeving: Wessels en Jurgen Maelfeyt. 55 euro.
Beeldverhaal van een obsessie. Anonymus brengt duizenden malen eerbetoon aan verloren liefde, gesignaleerd door Mariken Wessels. 
Raimond Wouda: Ext.-Int. Vormgeving Robin Uleman. Fw: Books, 40 euro.
Droogkomisch en monumentaal legt Wouda Nederlandse filmsets vast.
Hanne van der Woude: Vivace. Fw: Books. Vormgeving: Hans Gremmen. 35 euro.
Fotografe volgde vijf jaar lang het kunstenaarsechtpaar Emmy en Ben, met een intiem boek tot gevolg, dat droevig en hoopvol stemt.
Hanne van der Woude: Vivace. ©

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