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Paris «Paříž v Paříži» 1967 Josef Prošek [Jan Řezáč (ed.), Oldřich Hlavsa (graphic design)] Photography

Josef Prošek [Jan Řezáč (ed.), Oldřich Hlavsa (graphic design)] : «Paříž v Paříži», Prague, Mladá fronta, 1967
21 x 19,5 (8.5” by 7.75”), 160 pp.’
With many thanks to Mr Alfonso Melendez 

From the profession of a typesetter, Oldřich Hlavsa (1909-1995) developed his artistic sensitivity through a long practice in printing industry, studying type history and avant-garde trends. He admired Teige’s constructivist ideas on one side, but also respected how Sutnar, Menhart and Muzika transfered tradition into modern design. In Hlavsa’s work, typography was conceived as a visual interpretation of the content. Hlavsa was a self-tought designer, and got a first major opportunity to experiment with illustrative typographic compositions as an artistic editor of the Plamen (Flame) magazine. Although Hlavsa has never been officially teaching, encouraged throughout his career by friend Ladislav Sutnar, he spread his knowledge in the typography manual Typografická písma latinková(1957), which was also published in English by New York’s Tudor Publishing as A book of Type and Design (1960). During the Czechoslovakia’s normalization period of the 1970s and 1980s, Hlavsa put his views and polygraphic experiences in a three volume book Typographia 1 (1976), Typographia 2 (1981), Typographia 3(1986) that became an important reference for the Czech typographic and book culture. See for Oldřich Hlavsa: Book Covers

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