zondag 22 december 2013

McHotel Tokyo Olivier van Breugel & Simone Mudde The Best Dutch Photobooks of 2013 Photography

Olivier van Breugel en Simone Mudde McHotel. Design : Koen Geurts. Self Published.

At three o’clock in the morning after singing in the karaoke bar, the subways in Tokyo are finished running. You are resigned to take a taxi, but as this is ridiculously expensive many Japanese have come up with an alternative. They go to the nearby Mc Donald’s. Instead of a meal, cups of soda or cheap coffee are being ordered. Everyone is seeking a comfortable place to take a nap until the first Metro starts up. For a week we got up at half past three in the morning to witness this phenomenon. The cities of the world are starting to look more and more alike - you can find the exact same stores and chains everywhere. What took us by surprise about this place is that a universal format such as McDonald’s can be temporarily transformed into a hotel.

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