zaterdag 29 september 2012

The Experience of Nature Noorderlicht Terra Cognita 2012 Photography

The Enchanted Forest

Mysterious, unfathomable and timeless. We lose ourselves in the overgrowth, wandering in a world which by turns is serene and sinister. Here man is only a nonentity, out of his element. This is a primeval landscape that appeals to primeval instincts.

Safe Haven
Man and nature form a harmonious dyad. The landscape is open and safe, in part designed by man, who in turn seeks rest and recreation there. This is landscape as a museum, a playground, and a canvas on which we paint the intimate stories of our lives.

Into The Unknown
Unseen nature made visible, from the microscopic to the extraterrestrial, from our fondest hopes to our deepest fears. We travel through space and time, through dreams and narratives, on the borders of photography and computer generated imagery.

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