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the Making of Magnum Contact Sheets Commissioning, Design & Production Photography

This landmark book presents an unparalleled wealth of unpublished material, revealing the story behind many iconic and historical images of modern times taken by the world’s most celebrated photographers.The book shows their creative process and also acts, in the words of Martin Parr, as an ‘epitaph to the contact sheet’ as it marks the end of the film era and the move to digital photography. The images featured – both celebrated icons of photography and lesser-known surprises – encompass over seventy years of history: from the Normandy landings by Robert Capa, the Paris riots of 1968 by Bruno Barbey and war in Chechnya by Thomas Dworzak, to René Burri’s filmic sequence of close-ups of Che Guevara, classic New Yorkers by Bruce Gilden, and Eve Arnold’s iconic portrait of the charismatic and image-savvy Malcolm X. Further insight into each contact sheet is provided by texts written by the photographers themselves or by experts chosen by members’ estates. A sumptuous new book, Magnum Contact Sheets, edited by Kristen Lubben, is a glorious monument to a way of working that is no more. See for a review A coffee-table book of Magnum Photos' contact sheets offers a glimpse into a dying art ... & Photographer David Hurn, who joined Magnum in 1965, and Geoff Dyer author of Ongoing Moment describe their enjoyment at seeing the photos that were taken before and after the iconic snap. Lees verder .. 

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Life Cycle of a Book – Magnum Contact Sheets

Magnum Contact Sheets
From initial ideas to the book shop shelf, the ‘Life Cycle of a Book’ series will look into the process of publishing illustrated books from beginning to end. In this first series, we’re looking at the life cycle of Magnum Contact Sheets – a brand new title published this Autumn by Thames & Hudson. This [...]

Magnum Contact Sheets: Commissioning #1

Courtsey Magnum Photos
For the first in our new Life Cycle of a Book series, Andrew Sanigar looks back at the development of our new Autumn title Magnum Contact Sheets. Courtesy Magnum Photos It was always going to be a challenge to distill the story of how Magnum Contact Sheets was developed as a project and then commissioned [...]

Magnum Contact Sheets – Commissioning #2

For the second part of our new Life Cycle of a Book series, Andrew Sanigar looks back at the development of our new Autumn title Magnum Contact Sheets. Read the first part here. © Susan Meiselas To begin the process of gathering material for the book, a brief was issued which invited all the photographers [...]

Magnum Contact Sheets: Design #1

Magnum Contact Sheets - Chapter openers
For the next part in our Life Cycle of a Book series, Design Director Johanna Neurath looks at the design development behind our new Autumn title Magnum Contact Sheets. Wow! Magnum Contact Sheets. A dream project for any book designer. OMG who wouldn’t relish the chance to revel in unseen images from some of the [...]

Magnum Contact Sheets: Design # 2 – The Jacket

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 21.12.58
For the next part in our Life Cycle of a Book series, Design Director Johanna Neurath looks at jacket design and the development of the jacket for our new Autumn title Magnum Contact Sheets. The book jacket or cover, that single, simple printed sheet of paper: its primary function is to $€££. It needs to [...]

Magnum Contact Sheets – Production

Magnum Contact Sheets - Notes
The next installment in our Life Cycle of a Book series follows Production Controller Sadie Butler to South Korea to discover more about the production processes behind Magnum Contact Sheets. checking proofs against the printed sheet As Andrew explained in his entry about commissioning Magnum Contact Sheets, the development of a book such as this [...]

Fotograaf en schrijver Hans Aarsman over het boek ‘Contactafdrukken’, waarin foto’s staan van 69 Magnum-fotografen

Geplaatst op 12 januari 2012 door Redactie onder De Avonden Kunst
Het monumentale boek Contactafdrukken, een fotografie-boek over 69 Magnum-fotografen, verschijnt op het moment waarop de overstap naar de digitale fotografie de contactafdruk tot een uitstervend verschijnsel dreigt te maken. De Magnumfotografen hebben meer dan zeventig jaar geschiedenis gedocumenteerd: van gebeurtenissen als de landingen in Normandië door Robert Capa en de rellen in Parijs in 1968 door Bruno Barbey, tot portretten van Che Guevara door René Burri en de inwoners van New York door Bruce Gilden. Catherine van Campen bladert samen met fotograaf en schrijver Hans Aarsman het boek door.

Magnum Photos - The Changing of a Myth (1999) from Brandon on Vimeo.

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