donderdag 5 mei 2011

A father-daughter relationship M'n vader/My Father-Deddi Chantal Spieard Mirelle Thijsen's Choice of Photobooks on Care environments and Matters of Life and Death Photography

Photobook 'M'n vader/My Father-Deddi'
The photobook 'M'n vader/My Father-Deddi' is about the course of the disease of Chantal's father as well as the father-daughter relationship. In October 2001 the book was published in cooperation with Foundation/Publishing AgencyDuo/Duo (Aad Speksnijder) in Rotterdam.

Designer: Rick Vermeulen 
Text: Mensje van Keulen, Dr. M. Kramer, Chantal Spieard

The book is for sale in the more exclusive bookstores and during expositions of Chantal (ISBN 90-72971-63-9)

Deddi shows a body that is slowly taken over by illness. It is the body of the photographer’s father. As a viewer, you almost have the feeling that you are out of place as a party in this story, in which a, generally abstract, illness takes on a personal face.

Chantal Spieard, currently living in Amsterdam, was born in 1974. After graduating in 2000 from the Utrecht University of Arts where she studied Photography, she nowadays works as a freelance photographer represented by the agency Foto Formation in Amsterdam.

This guide focuses on the meaning and significance of photobooks concerning health care environments. Heart-rending, intimate stories on matters of life, sickness, death and personal loss, are observed and experienced by consecutive generations of photographers working in the documentary tradition. 

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