woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Maurice Broomfield’s Industrial Photos Company Photography

Maurice Broomfield’s Industrial Photos

Maurice Broomfield is now 93 but his portfolio of industrial photography still holds enough interest to warrant two exhibits this year in Britain.
What struck us in reviewing his work was not only the clean, jewel like surfaces of his image objects but the classic composition of his work.
Maurice Broomfield left school at 15 to work in a factory and spent his evenings as a student in the Derby College of Art. Inspired by the drama of industry, he endeavored to convey this atmosphere with photographs and sketches, bringing an insight to those who would never experience such things. In relation to his work, Maurice Broomfield comments: "I enjoy photographing people at work, and the many experiences whilst doing this have enriched my life. To be living on this planet, is to me, the greatest gift possible."
..British industry has never looked so good as in Maurice Broomfield’s black-and-white portraits, which make the most banal processes appear epic and sexy.
The Times

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