dinsdag 7 september 2010

Abba...Zappa seventies rock photography by Gijsbert Hanekroot

Open publication - Free publishing - More 70ties


Dutch photographer Gijsbert Hanekroot started his career as a chronicler of the pop music scene in the late 60s and carried on until 1983. Over the course of this pivotal era, he photographed nearly every major pop singer or rock band out there with unusual energy and intimacy -- from David Bowie to Joni Mitchell to Muddy Waters, John Lennon, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Alice Cooper, Bob Marley, Bryan Ferry, The Rolling Stones, and yes, Abba and Frank Zappa, just to name a few. This riveting, oversized volume offers an amazing selection of vintage photographs--from Abba to Zappa--that will appeal equally to all generations. It is well printed on different sizes of paper, so that readers can experience a sort of montage effect when flipping through without the need for psychedelic drugs.

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