zaterdag 24 juli 2010

Joan van der Keuken Paris Photography

Johan van der Keuken 
24 September 2010 until 8 December 2010

One of the best-known photos by renowned photographer and filmmaker Johan van der Keuken (Amsterdam, 1938-2001) is a dance scene on the Ile St Louis on 14 July 1958, first published in the book Paris Mortel (1964). Van der Keuken’s archives contained another 32 negatives taken on the same day at the same place. These never-before-published photos have been assembled into a montage and make up the core of the Quatorze Juillet exhibitionon show at Foam from 24 September to 8 December 2010. As an extra touch, Foam’s historic Fodorzaal will be specially adapted to recreate the atmosphere of a dancehall, where Van der Keuken’s images will appear to dance around the visitors. In addition to the photos, two films will be shown.

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