zaterdag 12 juni 2010

the Stories of Andrea Stultiens Photography

Introduction to the work that will add up to a visual biography of Kaddu Wasswa, made by Andrea Stultiens, Arthur C. Kisitu and Kaddu Wasswa. Video by Arthur C. Kisitu.

Andrea Stultiens
In her work Andrea Stultiens tries to tell stories.  Stories about people and their relation to their environment and stories about the use of photographic images. To do this Stultiens mostly works in long term projects.  Sometimes vernacular images are used to add to the narrative possibilities that her own images have. Mostly the projects are presented in book format, since here Stultiens controls the context of the work the most.  Nevertheless, Stultiens images also have their own aesthetic qualitites. Looking at the photographs like that, gives the opportunity to appropriate them, and build or project a new world around them. Zie voor de recensie Fotografie maakt de rouw dragelijker Intensive care ...

Interview Andrea Stultiens 2010 from dutchdoc on Vimeo.

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