maandag 23 november 2009

Women in Paris 1954 Nico Jesse Andre Maurois Leica fotografie No 1 - 1955 Photography

by Camera Obscura ...

There are many books about Paris - the city of cities. But each of them presents only a single facet of this delightfully varied apparition. Paris is the confluence of Western Civilisations. Here they are mirroed in all their splendour. This book scores a bull, because Paris is, above all, a feminine city. Artists and authors flock there to wodner. Many, having wondered, inspire.

The text by André Maurois, is tuned to the delicacy of the theme; and the Leica pictures of a Dutch photographer match the text. Together they contrive to convey to our senses a picture of Paris, valid and authentic as few before. Gravure gives the reproductions warmth and attraction. Thus was a masterpiece made in word and image, and the presentation is a lovely and tasteful as the subject it honours.

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