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Make Love not War in Suite 902 Amsterdam Hilton Photography

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Reconstruction of Room 902 at the Amsterdam Hilton where John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged their Bed-In for Peace in March, 1969. Based on photographs by Nico Koster, Bert Sprenkeling, Claude Vanheye, Cor Jaring and various TV footage.From "In Bed with John and Yoko" by Jan-Cees ter Brugge, Jan van Galen and Patrick van den Hanenberg, March 2009

Celebrating 40 years anniversary of The Bed-in for Peace

From the 21st until the 29th of March a commemoration about the legendary Bed-in for Peace will be held in the Hilton Amsterdam with a tripartite photo exhibition 'From Holland with Peace'.

Bed-in for Peace
Beatle John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono stayed in the Hilton Amsterdam hotel during their honeymoon in March 1969 and stayed in bed for 7 days in room 1902 ( now 702 ). During this so-called ‘Bed-in for Peace’ they spoke about peace with the international press. Their historical action will be set in contemporary perspective in three exhibitions, all linked with the themes illustrated Photography, Peace and the Netherlands.

Three exhibitions
Message by photo 1969 – 2009 is a choice of 40 images, made between 1969 – 2009, these images show what the Netherlands have produced on illustrated photography within the theme ‘peace’. Professional photographers will be invited to send in their most lively and visual peace messages, from where a jury of professionals, experts and affectionate people will make a final choice.

What happened in room 902? Is the title of a story telling exposition of 40 images that gives you a direct or indirect idea of the actual Bed-in happening. The material is from professional photographers, among them are Govert de Roos, Nico Koster , Claude Vanheye and Cor Jaring, completed with historical photo material by Spaarnephoto.

People like U & Me 4 Peace is dedicated to the top 40 best judged images, contributed by the public. The selection that will be presented is the result of a co-create public photo campaign where contestants will be asked to send in an actual and unique photographic peace message. You can also participate:

On Sunday 29th there is a special tribute to John’s music. You can find more details at the Dutch Beatlesfansfanclub.

The expo From Holland with Peace can be visited free of charge
21 – 29 maart 2009Hilton Hotel AmsterdamApollolaan 1381077 BG Amsterdam+31(0)

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Photographs from Nico Koster, the man who made the famous photo's, are refound!

Here some examples in a Dutch paper:,1

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