woensdag 25 februari 2009

Images of Religion and Death : Exaltation by Désirée Dolron Photography

Desiree Dolron: Exaltation -Images of Religion and Death

Désirée Dolron Amsterdam 2000 Sewn paper covers 130 pages 50 duotones/15 full colour photographs Design: Mevis & van Deursen

The series of photographes in this work is concerned with the tension between body and soul as experienced by various religious and mystical movements; ritual transactions are portrayed that are nourished by an intense desire for transcendence. Many of these transactions have to do with self-chastisement induced in trance. The series contains a large number of photographs of believers abandoning themselves to extreme acts of religious faith, as individuals or as a group. Désirée Dolron (1963) has been working as a photographer for the past 10 years. For her series "Exaltation" she attended ritual festivals in countries such as India, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Morocco and Thailand. Lees verder Rituelen met zelfkastijding ...
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