zondag 10 augustus 2008

Bruce Weber O Rio de Janeiro Photography

O Rio De Janeiro. Photographs by Bruce Weber.
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1986. 204 pp., 221 duotone and six color photographs, 11x14½".

Bruce Weber's first book since 1983, O Rio de Janeiro is a collection of languid, sensual photographs of the lives of models in Rio, nicely reproduced in duotone and in six colors. On the beach, in restaurants, at nightclubs, in their rooms, Weber's subjects exude a beauty which is at the same time casual and self-possessed. Many of these photographs were shown in a major exhibition at the Robert Miller Gallery, New York, in September of 1986.

By BOYWAY (new york city)
This is by far my favorite among Bruce weber's books. it is a beautifully edited collection of images from many different decades all involving some sensually stunning man or woman living a life of passion, be it sport or narcissitic pleasure. What makes this "bruce weber book "so special is that not all the photographs were shot by mr. weber, however all of them have caught his eye for more than obvious reasons. So it's really in his editing is where the fun lies. A big change is in the variety of males presented, not all are the usual silky-smooth northern european weber cliches. If you are at all intrigued by mr. weber's male and female ideals, you are sure to be delighted at this wonderfuly light hearted and super sexy homage to the state of mind that is Rio ...and Brazil. The sepia tones further heighten the feeling of heat and sun-bleaching where the only way to escape the sun is to give into an erotic adventure. An intoxicating fantasy created with the chicest taste. Lees meer ...

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