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EKIBEN the Art of the Japanese Box Lunch Junichi Kamekura Photography

EKIBEN the Art of the Japanese Box Lunch

Ekiben, the japanese box lunch available at train stations, is fast food elevated to hight culinary art and design.

Each of the country's five thousand stations sells a unique box lunch that reflects the cooking of the region, served in an eye-catching container.

These beautifully designed boxed are sometimes even shaped like masks, tennis rackets, nuts, golf balls, or other traditional or whimsical objects.

More than twelve million are sold to hungry travelers and commuters in Japan each day.

Author: Junichi Kamekura
Format: 25 x 25,5 cm
1989 San Francisco Chronicle Books
ISBN: 0-87701-490-6

Gideon Bosker
Mamoru Watanabe
Book and cover: Takaaki Mizuno
Distibued in Canada by Raincoast Books

The culture and cuisine of Japan.
150 full-color photographs of lunches in their container.

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