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Marylin Monroe Memorial New York Coney island Manhattan Unseen Jan Cremer Photography

Jan Cremer
Marylin Monroe Memorial
60 x 80 cm.

The Grave Monument of Marilyn Monroe. (Near Kellyville), Kangerlussuaq Area, Greenland

Cremer Photography UNSEEN EYE
ISBN 10: 9462620334 / ISBN 13: 9789462620339
Published by Waanders / De Fundatie, Zwolle, 2015
159 pages, illustrated in B&W and coloyrphotographs. Cremer Photography The book accompanied the exhibition UNSEEN EYE in the Fundatie Zwolle. Size: 261 x 242 Mm.

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The Unseen Eye is Watching You Jan Cremer Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle Photography

Jan Cremer (1940, Enschede, Netherlands) is an internationally renowned writer and painter. Since the publication of his first and scandalous novel ‘Ik Jan Cremer’ in 1964 (he was only 24 years of age), Cremer has been known for his provocative writings, his expressive and colourful paintings and his anarchic lifestyle. In 2015 the Museum De Fundatie in Zwolle opened Cremer’s first exhibition dedicated to his unknown photography during his countless travels. The mostly black and white photographs boast an impressive body of work from the mid ’60s until the beginning of the ’80s.

“Down through the years, Cremer’s photos have reflected his urge to travel. In New York, he photographed the view from his roof in the notorious Chelsea hotel, the wooden bathing houses on Coney Island, and the neon signs on Times Square. ‘An advertising sign is a perfect representation of the train of thought of a people at a given moment’, according to Cremer, who worked with an advertisement painter when he was young. We also see advertising in East Berlin, but it is a symbol of faded glory. We see cardboard palm trees on the beach in Romania, and Eskimos peel their potatoes at the North Pole.

Cremer has no pretensions with his photos. ‘I am the eye that remains unnoticed. At the beginning of the sixties I found a photo of a cell door in an American prison in a well-thumbed Esquire left behind on Ibiza. It displayed a drawn eye and a warning: ‘Unseen Eye is watching you’. I recognized myself. I observe and am invisible”.

Source: Museum De Fundatie in Zwolle, on the occasion of  the exhibition ‘The Unseen Eye’ (2015), the first exhibition dedicated to Cremer’s photography at Kasteel Nijenhuis in Heino

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