donderdag 8 januari 2015

Three (photo)Books on a Desert Island by micamera Photography

Three photobooks on a desert island - Bruno Ceschel - December 2012 from MiCamera on Vimeo.

A project Micamera started in 2012. A very simple question, not so obvious answers.
In December 2012, if Bruno Ceschel had been sent to a desert island, he would have chosen these books:

The Male Nude
David Leddick

Vanilla Partner
Torbjørn Rødland
Mack Books, 2012
His own family album
Bruno Ceschel is a writer, curator, and publisher whose works focuses principally on contemporary photography. His research specifically aims to explore issues relating to identities, with an emphasis on gender, sexuality, and racial formation. He is also the founder of Self Publish, Be Happy, an organisation which aims to collect and study contemporary artists’ books and has an ever-travelling mobile library project.
Ceschel writes regularly for various international publications. He has published and edited numerous photography books, and participated in events at numerous institutions including the ICA (London), the Whitechapel Gallery (London), TATE Modern (London), C/O (Berlin) and PS1 (New York), amongst others.
video: Gaia Giani
mounting: Maresa Lippolis
Videos are made in the bookstore in Milan 

Three photobooks on a desert island - Willem van Zoetendaal - February 2013 from MiCamera on Vimeo.

In February 2013, if Willem van Zoetendaal had been sent to a desert island or to prison, he would have chosen these books:

De Bergpapoea’s van Nieuw-Guinea en hun woongebied
C.C.F.M. Le Roux

Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf
Armand Schulthess. Rekonstruktion eines Universums
Patrick Frey

Alfred Stieglitz: The Key Set
Willem van Zoetendaal is a graphic designer who has been producing photography books since the early nineties. In 1994 he started publishing his own books, first under the name of Basalt (in collaboration with Frido Troost) and then under the name of Van Zoetendaal Publishers.
video: Gaia Giani
mounting: Maresa Lippolis

Machiel Botman - Three Books on a Desert Island from MiCamera on Vimeo.

This is an extract from a (short) interview that Giulia Zorzi made to Machiel Botman on the day of the opening of One Tree at micamera (September 20, 2012). The question was: If you would have to choose three books to bring on a desert island, which ones would you pick?
The answer is very interesting, and this is the reason we decided to publish the video - though the audio is not so good...
Thank you Piero Pezzoni for the video

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