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Happy Shopping ... the PhotoBooks of the Year 2012 Photography

Listmania ...

Mrs. Deane’s years in books: a Listmas tale ...

ICP Favourite Photobooks of 2012 ...

I can tell you a story about each purchase, about the hole it filled, the annotation/connotation, but I'm giving you categories instead.

All Around Faves:

http://thisbookistrue.wordpress.com/Cristina De Middel

http://www.morelbooks.com/David_Armstrong.html David Armstrong, Night and Day

http://icplibrary.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/kiyoshi-suzuki-its-all-about-the-photobooks/Kiyoshi Suzuki

Gifts to Friends & Family:

http://www.markdearman.com/cairodivided/Jason Larkin, Cairo Divided

http://die-rote-trude.de/grace.html Jo Schwab, Habitual Grace

http://www.shadowlab.no/books/books.html Morten Andersen, 16 bilder

Take That (In your Eye):

http://www.ghost.pt/IFearNothing.htm Patrícia Almeida, I fear nothing

http://nobodybooks.com/shop/products-page/book/off-ground/StephenGill, Off Ground

http://mathieuasselin.viewbook.com/mathieu_asselin/ninety-nine-percent Mathieu Asselin, nintey-nine percent

The Poets:

http://www.linascheynius.com/book.html Lina Scheynius, 04

http://superlabo.com/catalogue/ca031jm/JH Engström and Margot Wallard, 7 Days Athens November 2011

http://www.mackbooks.co.uk/books/27--em-Elementary-Calculus-em-.html J Carrier, Elementary Calculus

Look, this is you:

http://www.photobookstore.co.uk/photobook-this-face-_signed%5E.htmlXu Yong, This Face

http://www.peterdekens.com/html/projects/touch/Peter Dekens, Touch

http://keikonomura.com/news.html Keiko Nomura, Soul Blue

I'm such a Homer (aka Fan Boy):

http://store.ellenrogers.co.uk/Ellen Rogers, Aberrant Necropolis

https://www.thesochiproject.org/shop/product/51/Sochi Project, Paris Photo Newsprint Exhibition

http://www.littlebrownmushroom.com/products/lbm-tote-bag/Alec Soth, anything

In the Flesh, so to speak:

http://www.douglasstockdale.com/Books.html Douglas Stockdale, Ciociaria

http://collection.cailloubleu.com/books/remember-white-horses Stefan Vanthuyne, Remember the white horses

http://harveybenge.blogspot.com/2012/04/against-forgetting.htmlHarvey Benge, Against Forgetting

Much Appreciation:

http://daisukeyokota.net/top/index.html Daisuke Yokota

http://www.priskapasquer.de/en/exhibitions/issei_suda/Issei Suda

http://www.vanderkeuken-sommieres.com/Johan van der Keuken Sommières 1961

I remember you, Still:

http://interrogationbook.com/the-collectors-editions Donald Weber, Interrogations

http://rafalmilach.com/7-rooms/Rafal Milach, 7 rooms

http://www.mackbooks.co.uk/books/13-Let-s-sit-down-before-we-go.html Bertien Van Manen, Let's Sit Down Before We Go

to be continued ...
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... the "Books of the Year" article in 'Photography Annual 1961' published in late 1960 does include 'The Americans' 1959 Grove Press edition as "the most controversial photographic book of the year." ... Read for more ...

This issue of Photography Annual – 1961 includes “A portfolio by Ken Heyman: NIGERIA, International Portfolio featuring a selection of the year’s best pictures, a feature of Advertising and Illustration with selections from the 39th Annual NY Art directors Club exhibition with photos by Richard Avedon, Erwin Blumenfeld, Bert Stern, Wingate Paine and Ernst Haas just to name a few as well as a color, cover photo by Edwin Harris.

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