zaterdag 24 november 2012

The Christmas Rose It happened on a clear day Artist's Book Laura Samsom Rous Photography

In her series ‘It happened on a clear day”, Laura Samsom Rous creates her own landscapes in the middle of Amsterdam, with the help of parked cars. The landscape doesn’t really exist, it looks like a dream. But still, they’re all real.

“She didn’t change anything in the scenes she photographed. She didn’t add a raindrop, removed a petal or changed the dust. If we only had looked better ourselves, then we could have seen them as well. But we didn’t, we had to go on. At the horizon always the wipers, they will awake in due time and vanish this paradise in one sweep – but then we already saw it.” (Text Cornel Bierens). 
Laura Samsom Rous studied anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and was a lecturer at the Academy of Art in Utrecht and The Hague. Her photographs are in international collections. Together with Hans Samsom, she worked for the United Nations, the Anti Apartheid Movement and the Royal Tropical Institute in the Netherlands. They work and live in Amsterdam.

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